My goal is quite simple:

Allow EVERY MUSICIAN, to FINALLY understand Music Theory in order to explore their full musical potential.


How it started

From age 11 to age 24 (before I went to the Music Academy International), I learned guitar and music in general without any academic education. Most people would call me self-taught. I did however start guitar lessons with a private teacher who told me something I will never forget. Before we started he gave me a choice:

We can study Theory OR we can start playing…”

I was 11 years old and to me the choice was quite obvious: teach me Wonderwall as soon as possible so I can finally get some popularity with girls…

It took me many years to realize that there was something fundamentally wrong about this question. For different reasons:


Theory can be learned WITHOUT READING music

I believe that many musicians give up for the single reason that they think you have to read music perfectly to understand music theory. Well, you don’t. Actually you don’t even have to read at ALL.

You can understand music theory perfectly without reading just like you can understand and speak a language perfectly without knowing how to write or read it.

So what do you need to understand theory? Can you count to 7 and have a dash of common sense? You’re good to go!

DSC_0033 2.JPG

You can learn how to play AND learn theory at the same time

EVERYONE should learn Theory while they are learning their first instrument.

Why? When you learn a language, do you learn how to pronounce and “physically” say everything before understanding grammar and definitions? I don’t think so… As soon as you learn a work you simultaneously learn its meaning. Makes sense right?

Then why do musicians do otherwise? They learn how to play, sometimes how to read, BEFORE they understand exactly what it is they are playing. They play scales not knowing what “scale” is, they play chords without knowing what chord it is…

Why is it this way?

Because academic music studies have little by little detached theory from practice and make people believe that theory is this complicated science that only a genius with a PHD in nuclear physics can understand.

This is SOOO untrue.

The wining trio

In music, magic happens when 3 elements are fully developed and interact perfectly:

  • The body with TECHNIQUE

  • The ear with EAR TRAINING

  • The brain with… MUSIC THEORY


Allow EVERY musician and ANY musician to learn music theory without requiring ANY previous skill or knowledge.

You will only need one thing…

A little patience and a little common sense